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Check out my blog where I talk about technology and design. I am extremely passionate about emerging media trends including online and mobile and the design in which they were created.

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Web Development

Your business is unique with its own set of strengths, challenges, and requirements. I have the capabilities to handle those tasks. I design landing page websites and rebranding campaigns for all industries.

Social Media

Once your campaigns are setup and ready to go, you will need someone to look after them. I can build and organize your entire social media network, monitor results, and make appropriate changes in real-time.

Digital Marketing

Welcome to my 'bread and butter'. After fully researching your target market and getting to know your precise needs, I create effective PPC and retargeting campaigns to meet your needs.

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My thoughts related to web strategy and brand synergy

Featured Client | Michael Romero Jr.

Are you on Instagram? Do you follow any fitness inspiration pages? Then you have definitely heard of my client. With over 230,000 followers, he has decided to take his online presence to the next...

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Recognized by Devin Wenig, President @PayPal

Two years ago, Forss, a senior at Pepperdine University, spent the summer as a marketing analyst in San Jose, where he won the 2012 Intern Hackathon hosted by PayPal...

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Scaling Strategies for Startups

It’s our consumers who will run the product. The best tools for scaling are an engineering and operations team that can handle anything. We have some awesome guys who are close to finishing...

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So, what exactly can I offer you?

I focus on rebranding (print & online), front-end development, UX and UI design, setting up and implementing social media campaigns, and I can handle all of your SEO/PPC needs.

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